VB 24 ID Pack

VB 24 ID Pack

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VB 24 includes a WalletTag loss-prevention Tag and VB Card Shields in one package to ensure all of your personal data is safe and secure.

WalletTag and VB RFID Card Shields are patented technologies engineered to aid in the prevention of the loss of your valuables, accidental payment and even identity theft.

VB RFID Card Shield and VB e-Pass RFID Shield are 98% effective shielding technologies that aid in preventing accidental payment, double charging, card clash and data theft from contactless cards and biometric ePassports. Simply slip the VB Card Shield inside your wallet or purse alongside the contactless card you wish to protect, or insert the VB e-Pass Shield inside your biometric ePassport alongside the photograph page for maximum protection.

WalletTag is a thin device tracker that can be slipped into your wallet, backpack, passport case, or anything else you tag and will instantly alert you if you are separated.


ONE WalletTag (with battery) ONE RFID Credit Card Shields ONE ePassport RFID Shield (N/A in USA)

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